Teeth Whitening Creates Bright Smiles

Even the whitest smiles tend to fade over time. When stains dull your tooth enamel, it's easy to revitalize your appearance with Zoom! teeth whitening. Your Joliet, IL, dentists Dr. Lanette Disera and Dr. Christine Dunham can help you brighten your smile with a quick, convenient teeth whitening session.

Whitening is the solution to dull teeth

Your tooth enamel may look perfectly smooth, but it's actually full of tiny microscopic pores. When you eat or drink anything that contains dark pigments, the pigments become trapped in the pores, making your smile look dull or yellow. Stains are most likely to occur if you frequently eat or drink tea, wine, coffee, cola, sports drinks, ice pops, brightly colored candy, berries and soy sauce.

Teeth whitening breaks apart and removes the pigments in your enamel, leaving your smile whiter and brighter.

Impressive results in just about an hour

Whitening treatment doesn't have to be lengthy to be effective. In fact, your visit to our Joliet dental office will last 60 minutes or less.

Your session starts with a thorough cleaning to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. Cleaning your teeth not only lowers your risk of developing cavities and gum disease but also ensures that the whitening agents can fully penetrate your tooth enamel. If plaque or tartar remain on your teeth during whitening, your smile may look speckled.

Your gums, roots and cheeks won't come in contact with the whiteners, thanks to a special gel and retractors used to protect them.

Your dentist uses professional-strength hydrogen peroxide gel to improve the appearance of your teeth. Although many over-the-counter whiteners also contain hydrogen peroxide, these products use weaker formulations that may not be as effective as the gel used by your dentist.

A low-intensity light activates the gel, making it easier for the hydrogen peroxide to reach the stain-causing pigments. Once the gel is removed, you'll notice as much as an eight-shade improvement in your teeth.

Your teeth will be whiter for several years after your whitening treatment. If you'd like to prolong your results, use a straw to drink beverages and avoid foods and drinks that can stain your teeth.

Renew your smile with teeth whitening. Call your dentists in Joliet, IL, Dr. Lanette Disera and Dr. Christine Dunham at (815) 744-4333 to schedule your appointment.

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