Should You Get An Oral Cancer Screening?

Your oral health is critical. A healthy smile and healthy teeth are essential for having a joyous day. But some things can happen slowly in your mouth that you will need to have screened. In Joliet, IL, oral cancer screening is essential to catch this destructive mouth condition before it takes too much from you. Dr. Lanette Disera and Dr. Christine Dunham with Joliet Dental Office want to help you understand the importance of regular screenings.

The Risk Factors of Oral Cancer

There are things that people do throughout their life that add to the chances of getting oral cancer. Some of those things will include:

  • The use of tobacco products.
  • Alcohol abuse.
  • Too much sun around the mouth area.
  • HPV.
  • And an immune system that is compromised.

All of these things increase the chances of cancer in the mouth. And they are why Oral cancer screening in Joliet, IL is necessary.

The Process of Oral Cancer Screening

There is nothing to fear when screening for this type of cancer. Your dentist knows the signs of what to look for and what needs to be done to complete the process. You can expect to have the following done during your screening process.

  • Expect to have a visual examination done in your mouth.
  • Your dentist will also look over your head for any discoloration or bumps.
  • You will also be asked if you have any trouble moving your jaw or issue in your mouth that causes you pain

Oral cancer screening in Joliet, IL, is not supposed to be scary. They are designed to keep you from having to go through the moment when advanced cancer is found. Dr. Disera and Dr. Dunham with Joliet Dental Office are here to help answer all of your questions and perform your screenings. If you have any questions, please call us today at (815) 744-4333 and let us help put your mind at ease regarding oral cancer screening.

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